Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Seeing Off

Today the students of my final degree batch got together for a long, last day on the deserted campus. They were all in a party mood, but below the veil of joy, I knew was a different face. They had to face it anyway, after three long years spent together they were each going on their separate paths. It reminded me of a day eight years back when I had to face the hard truth. But that time I was sure that we will meet again, some day or the other; for, as men, our paths would have to cross some where, some day, for sure! It was different, though, on a different day six years back, on the day of my M.Sc. sent-off. I was not too sure this time. The reason was the presence of girls who offer a far lesser chance of random meetings. Same as now.

Now onwards, each of them has to tread the road ahead alone. The future may have in store good or bad, but you have to bear it alone. The feeling takes time to sink in, but once it starts to grip you, it doesn't leave that easy. One will long for the moments foregone once they are past. Its universal. You may long for things to be re-done, re-told or so on but in the drama called life there is no re-enacting of scenes. It may be very late when we realise. Every body goes through such stages. When one starts taking such moments or periods as small slices of life which reflect the life as a whole, his whole outlook changes. He then finds how he can change his life, and thereby others'!! I HOPE MY CHILDREN LEARNED THEIR LESSONS WELL!


  1. You are a wonderful teacher Riyas, wishes for your students to have success in "their" futures... !

  2. Thanks for the compliment. I too wish they all have the best future and I used to remind them that success in the academics is not always a pre-requisite for success in life.


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