Thursday, December 27, 2007

ROMEO: An Afterthought!

When a man deceives me once, says the Italian proverb, it is his fault; when twice, it is mine.

I should have known better. I had lost hope in Dileep long back, but I was not sure about Rajasenan. I should have known, atleast after watching Madhuchandralekha. What a wonderful film that was! It fetched Urvasi the State's Best Female Actor Award for 2006, since she is quite young (atleast at heart) as 'youthfulness' was the prime reason cited for the Award for Male Actor going to Prithviraj (hahaha...hohohoo). The chairman of the jury was not very sure whether it was Mammootty or some Tamil guy who acted in Karutha Pakshikal and anyway, the award is for people below 25 (We should promote young talents Urvasi!)

Yaa, let's come back to the point: what we were talking about is...who is going to get which award for "Romeo". Keep guessing.

Romeo kept me guessing (I think the director too) about what way the story (if ever there was one!) is going. There are more than enough to tickle your funny bones and you keep laughing while exclaiming 'why I am laughing?!' After sometime, you get intoxicated with senseless humour and you could only sit there in exasperation. Rajasenan, your characters might be all idiots and lunatics, but don't count me with them! I am sure, there will be more guys who agree with me after watching Romeo.

To confess, I am an ardent fan of Salim Kumar, Suraj Venjaramood and Cochin Haneefa (more so of his body). And where was Mallika Sukumaran all these years?! I enjoyed their performance for most of the part. And that was it!

I presume Rajasenan- Rafi Mecartin team would have thought about "Dileep & Three Heroines" tag line first and the story second. Leave out Dileep and the three heroines only remain, of which that cute Agraharam baby (Sruthi Lakshmi) was a waste. Was not all of them? no, don't tell that about Vimala Raman! I adore her beauty and I curse the fate that "Romeo" was the first movie of hers I watched.

And I also curse the moment when, not getting tickets for "Katha Parayumbol" at the Radha theatre, we decided to watch Romeo. I curse the guy at Radha who had only one ticket to offer us, even if for Rs. 75/- instead of Rs. 35/-.

Lesson One: There are better ways to spend 35 Rupees. Buy a "Tom & Jerry" CD, for instance!


  1. Riyan

    Sorry for being late.
    Was travelling around a bit this Xmas.

    First things first.
    Apocalypto is a whopper of a movie, though a bit too gruesome at times. I wud recommend it for a double watch; its an absolute stunner. I am sure u wud love it, despite the violence and blood and gore.

  2. I had missed Romeo somehow.
    And when i thought I wud see it, the word had spread across!!

    U like Vimala Raman?? I cant stand the sight of her, LOL! And Suraj Venjaramood as well. He was the only factor that remained unpalatable in KP! :D

    Add me to the Salim Kumar club!

  3. Great review, btw!
    I especially loved that last line!!
    That was a true whopper!!

    And theres one film that you just SHOULDNT miss...
    Taare Zameen Par..
    GO FOR IT!

  4. Ayyo, ippazha orthathu!
    Have a great New Year as well!
    May it bring with it loads of good luck and tons of mental peace!

  5. MM,

    I adore Vimala for her beauty, though that adoration has started to fade! I won't much recommend her for her acting prowess though.

    Suraj Venjaramood is being repetitive in a sense, I agree! Again, I totally agree with you on Salim Kumar.



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