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Orkut Testimonials

As a part of my archiving process, copy pasting here some Testimonials I wrote and testimonials people wrote about me on Orkut. I really miss those nice Testimonials on Face book; I was so happy to read them, felt nice!! ;)

Testimonials I wrote:

King³ @ endless war… Jun 17, 2007
Raja Mamannan was a misunderstood persona for a long time. Then we slowly unearthed the pearl-of-a-heart within. He is so sincere and unassuming and he would happily give away his life for his friends, literally! Really soft-spoken and ready to accept his mistakes and welcome change, he is the King of his empire. And he is my best friend!!
Anoop Das Jul 13, 2006
Anoop may seem the coolest guy u have ever met, but behind that veil of super-confidence is a small kid tense and nervous and who is very sensitive and emotional. He is attached to his family more than anything else in this world. He cares for his friends like no other, but tends to retreat in to his space once he feels he has been taken for a ride or is being ignored. He is a very good wildlife photographer and has a lot of creative talent in him: Just vist his blog www.silentscience.blogspot.comto c 4 urself...and He is my BEST FRIEND..muaaaaaaaaah
Dr. Debanik Mookerjea May 31, 2006
Most popular of the SACON fellows, if he stands for elections from Coimbatore constituency, without any promises of TV, Gas stove, cheap rice and all, he will get elected by a huge margin. Sonia, Vajpayee, Kalaignar and all beware :O Don't tell me I did not warn you. But as of now, u don have to worry, and snakes can also rest in peace for sometime, Debanik is writing his thesis :D Only Rajamamannan knows how stressful it can be when u r helping somebody like Deb (who does not know what is the difference between statistics and algebra) in his analysis. Trust him to trust fellows even after they have kicked his ass 100 times. And Coimbatore knows him as the doctor who appears always with a cigarette and usually drunk, and takes two pieces of fish fry and a strong coffee for lunch. Tell him u spotted a snake, the next moment he is there! My kudos to the never-say-die soul that Mr. Debanik Mukherjee is...U will always be my best friend..and...I LOVE YOU ;)
San krish May 5, 2006
The first thing that comes to my mind is Sandeep's typical KV student persona. He reminds you of a tie-clad young school boy. And he lives up to that KV (and army) discipline. He has a great knack of confusing you by talking about simple things in complex ways. But one of the most idealistic chaps I have ever seen.
Anbarasi Boopal Apr 26, 2006
So to start with, Anb has a very good photographer's eye. And she is a perfectionist, as far as I know. She cares first and foremost for nature, why else would she go for a second masters?! Do visit her blogs, there is something in store!
Dr. Peroth Balakrishnan Apr 22, 2006
Balu is quite professional and he takes everything in his stride. he can be quite sarcastic at times, but always there for you.
Mahendiran Mylswamy Apr 1, 2006
A very pleasant happy-go-lucky type and he is also very idealistic and sensitive. I like him because he is so sincere.

Testimonials people wrote about me:

Prof Sekar Keerthi Yadav May 25, 2009
Ranjini J Jan 11, 2007
If you get a chance please do mind to peep into his 'LIBRARY' - Its a reflection of his interests in diverse subjects!!!
Aysha Mahmood
Oct 2, 2006
Footloose. I envy very few and hes among the lucky few. Wish i was good in science (i still cant make out a squirell from a lizard) and he made mw wish that!! Dont know much about him, but he made me wish i had met him earlier.
Dr Arun PR Jul 17, 2006
You are very very special. I appreciate you beeing a very straight person. (I had in fact told you many times not to be that straight at least while walking !!)
Anbarasi Boopal Apr 28, 2006
Open and honest, calm and composed most of the times. I genuinely admire his motivation and creative interests as a teacher and researcher, yet to know him better through time. Have an unforgettable trip (vaalpaarai) to remember him the best. In tot, He is a Nice Guy :)
Mahendiran Mylswamy Apr 1, 2006
riyas no words to explain your care and concern showed on me when i was thrown in to the dustbin of sacon ... havent met a friend like you and will not meet a friend like you.....
riyas is broad minded , helping hand and a good great person i have ever met..


  1. As a part of my archiving process, copy pasting here some Testimonials I wrote and testimonials people wrote about me on Orkut.


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