Saturday, April 20, 2013

Let Nature Be!

Last day, I was busy feeding my budgerigars (Love birds as they are popularly known) at my residence in Feroke, Kozhikode when I noticed a little juvenile Gecko slowly advancing towards me. I am familiar with the species, a smallish tree gecko usually seen on Coconut trees almost every where in Kerala. Used to capture the adult geckos with bare hands and feed them to sand-boas and keel-backs whom I used to keep at home out of curiosity when I was still a student. Usually they are swift and fast to evade capture. But this guy was like slightly confused seeing me; like he did not know what to do!

I put out my right palm upon the soil in front of him and he slowly proceeded to climb aboard as there was no way around. I just looked at him for some time appreciating the beauty and fragility of such a tiny creation of god. Then it was decided enough is enough and I proceeded to set him free without physical injury to that fragile body. I kept my open palm near the trunk of an adjacent coconut tree but he declined to alight! After two-three tries, he jumped off and within seconds was captured by a herd of Fire Ants. He could not even move one feet from the place where I set him free!! How I do not know, but that fragile but agile lizard was locked in the nasty clutches of these fierce little predators. He was still kicking when I took this photo!

I let Nature take the call... let Nature be!!!


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