Thursday, October 08, 2015

Dis Like

Dear Mark Zuckerberg,
Thanks but No, thanks!
I don't need any profile pictures or profile picture suggestions from you. I don't need to get reminded by you that I am a patriotic Indian. I don't want your supposedly 'free' Internet/ free basics or whatever-shit-you-call-it!
What I now desperately need is a DISLIKE button. Can you give me that?!
I want to click that button again and again when I listen to the news of ..

      An angry mob killing an old man on suspicion of his eating beef..

      A father beating his six-year old daughter to death for not covering her face..
      A dalit man getting torched alive for entering a temple..
      Pens being silenced by lethal use of the sword..
      Daughters being condemned to death in the name of honour..
      I want to hold on to that button with all my might in a desperate effort to save my Digital India from chaos..
I want to Dislike this India.. I want to convince the ruling class that it is not the India we want, it is not the India where I was born.
Can you please give me the DISLIKE button?!

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