Thursday, October 22, 2015

When Big Trees Fall..

For the Digital Generation of Indians, TERRORISM means ISIS, Al-Queda, ISI, Al Umma... and so on and so forth. But there was a time during our childhood (my generation, of the 1980s), when Terrorism meant Khalistan Liberation Movement (KLM).

I am sure none of my young friends in Kerala knows what Khalistan was, what Operation Blue Star was, how earth reacts when "A Big Tree Falls"...

But we knew! We knew it from the horrifying and saddening news daily churned out by the newspapers about people, army and police personnel being killed or bombed in the north-western state of Punjab. Those times too, terrorists had beards and turbans but backed by a different faith. Times have since changed.

I pray to the authorities to book the culprits involved in the desecration of the holy book (Guru Granth Sahib) as early as possible. If ISI is involved, hunt them down even if they are hiding in the darkest corners of Pakistan (emulating what Russians are doing vis-a-vis ISIS in Syria). Do whatever it takes to defuse the tension building up in Punjab.

Sikhs are an emotional lot, lively when happy, mad when provoked. I love them better when shaking with mirth rather than in anger. Let's not bring back the dark days of the 80s!

It takes more than a 56" chest to act bold and act in time!!

P.S: Comment by a friend on FB:
Sikhs are ALWAYS the first to rise to pitch in and help in cases of national emergency, whether it is a natural calamity or a man made riot! But they are also the first to rise in defense of their dignity.Gentle peace-loving folks,who can turn fiercely strong if need arises, justifiably so.

The rest of India owe them justice. Act now!!!!

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  1. It takes more than a 56" chest to act bold and act in time!!


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